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Commercial Videography

Eccentrics Visual Arts Agency offers top quality video production services that creates high quality, fresh and entertaining videos for use online, in commercials and for entertainment purposes.

Why Choose Eccentrics…

When you choose Eccentrics, you are selecting a video production partner with a strong history of successful results and satisfied clients. You are guaranteed to have the confidence of knowing that your important project is in the hands of one of South Africa’s most experienced and qualified video production companies.

The Ultimate Key

Marketing is the ultimate key to any business or brand. Your company could potentially have the best product or service in the world, but it will not be successful if nobody knows it actually exists. Promotional videos are an incredibly effective tool in building brand awareness. It can serve as a prime proving ground for your company’s promotional campaigns.


Forming Deep Connections With Your Audience

The combination of high quality promotional videos and the power of social media, your business will connect to a widespread online audience, and receive outstanding results. Video’s intricate combination of sound, motion, and visuals drive deeper and closer relationships between your brand and its audience.

Whether it’s a website video, event coverage, promotional videos or any form of commercial videos, our Videography Service delivers pristine, perfected video production that effectively delivers your message to every individual viewer.