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Commercial Photography

We work on small, medium and large sized corporate briefs. Our main objective with each shoot is to help our clients position and sell their products effectively, we do this by bringing out appeal and authenticity. Our clients appreciate the pre-production work that goes into each brief as it forms the foundation for the overall results expected.

Providing Exceptional Photographic Services

Eccentrics Visual Arts Agency, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, has been providing exceptional photographic services to our clients throughout South Africa for many years. We have become highly regarded suppliers of photography services to corporations, agencies, designers, and small to medium businesses.

Understanding Product Photography

We understand that professional product photography is an important driver of your company. Photography is a powerful and effective method of communication in the modern business world. This is because a photograph has the ability to tell a story immediately. This can be an extremely effective marketing tool when high quality commercial photography is used.

Extensive Experience in Commercial Photography

Our extensive experience in Commercial Photography guarantees that our services will help you sell & promote your product or service in the manner that best suits your company’s ethos. Our goal is to improve your company’s brand image by capturing high-quality photos that bring out the best in what your business has to offer.

Our Commercial Photography services aim to help your potential customers see your business in a way that they may not have initially noticed and help deliver the message and vision behind your brand. Our photography has a particular and unique style which presents your products, service or ethos in an engaging and creative and way.

We at Eccentrics Visual Arts Agency enjoy the creative challenges involved in commercial photography. Our passion is creating photographs that are professional, creative & unique to your brand.